Board Charters and Policies


Board Charters and Policies


Charters describe the responsibilities of the Board of Retirement and each Committee of the Board.

Audit Committee Charter

Board of Retirement Charter

Board of Retirement Chair Charter

Board of Retirement Vice Chair Charter

CEO Charter

CIO Charter

Committee Chair Charter

Disability Committee Charter

Governance Committee Charter

Internal Audit Charter

Investment Committee Charter

Personnel Committee Charter

Temporary Delegation to CEO During COVID-19 Charter


Actuarial Funding Policy

Actuarial Valuation Policy

Administrative Review and Hearing Policy for cases filed on or after August 18, 2020

Administrative Hearing Procedures Policy

Budget Approval Policy

CEO Performance Evaluation Policy

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct Policy

Communications Policy

Compensation Earnable Policy

Conflict of Interest Code Required Filers

Cost Impacting Policy

Declining Employer Payroll Policy

Disability Retirement Reassignment Policy

Disposition of Surplus Property Policy

Election Procedures Policy

Ethics Compliance and Fraud Hotline Policy

Extraordinary Expense Recovery Policy

Hearing Officer Selection and Retention Policy

Hedge Fund Portfolio Investment Policy Statement Policy

Indemnity and Defense Policy

Investment Policy Statement Policy

Legislative Policy

Member Services Customer Service Policy

Membership Eligibility Requirements Policy

Monitoring and Reporting Policy

OCERS Compensation Policy

OCERS Rules of Parliamentary Procedure Policy

Operational Risk Policy

Overpaid and Underpaid Plan Benefits Policy

Overpaid and Underpaid Plan Contributions Policy

Pay Item Review Policy

Pensionable Compensation Policy

Placement Agent Disclosure Policy

Planning Policy

Procurement and Contracting Policy

Protocol for Handling Workplace Complaints Against Board Members and Executives

Proxy Voting Policy

Public Records and Data Request Policy

Quiet Period Policy

Records Management Policy

Reserves and Interest-Crediting Policy

Retirement Enhancement Review Policy

SACRS Voting Authority Policy

Securities Litigation Policy

Succession Policy

Travel Policy

Trustee Education Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Withdrawing Employer (Continuing Obligation) Policy

Withdrawing Employer (Fully Satisfied Obligation) Policy

Write Off Policy