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County of Orange official logo OCERS offers a number of specific resources to the County of Orange.

Contribution Rates

County of Orange General Members Rates

County of Orange Safety Members Rates

Summary Plan Description

County of Orange General Member SPD

County of Orange Safety Member SPD

Retiree Health/Medical Enrollment

County Health Enrollment for Retirees

Benefit Formula Comparison Information

County of Orange Benefit Formula 1.62% or 2.7% Comparison Sheet

Pay Items List

County of Orange Master Pay Items List


Member Forms

Active members can login to their myOCERS account to update beneficiary information and request to purchase service credit; retirees can submit address changes, direct deposit updates, tax withholding elections as well as update their beneficiary information.


Compensation and Benefit Limits

Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2024:
401(a)(17) $345,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $181,734
415(m) $275,000

Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2023:
401(a)(17) $330,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $175,250
415(m) $265,000

Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2022:
401(a)(17) $305,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $161,969
415(m) $245,000


Reverse Pick Up Rates

Certain County of Orange and Special District agency employees are subject to an employee-paid reverse pickup contribution in addition to their bi‐weekly retirement contributions. The reverse pickup rate is determined by the Orange County Auditor Controller’s office and changes annually, effective each fiscal new year.

View the Reverse Pickup Rates list and find your employer, your bargaining unit, and plan formula under the applicable year to see your reverse pick rate.