Payment Schedule


Benefit Payment Schedule
2019 - 2020

Payment Month

Payment Day

Benefit Payment Date



January 2, 2019

February Friday

February 1, 2019



March 1, 2019



April 1, 2019



May 1, 2019



May 31, 2019

July Monday

July 1, 2019

August Thursday

August 1, 2019

September Friday

August 30, 2019

October Tuesday

October 1, 2019

November Friday

November 1, 2019

December Friday

November 29, 2019



January Thursday January 2, 2020

Benefit Payment Policy

OCERS pays one month in arrears. For example: the May 1st benefit payment covers the period of April 1st – 30th.

Checks are always mailed the last day of the month and are payable on the first of every month.

Monthly Payment Policy

As part of an ongoing effort to provide better customer service to our members, OCERS has a plan to bring relief to retirees when the first of the month falls on a weekend or holiday. When the first of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, your monthly benefit will be deposited the previous business day. The only exception to this is the January 1st benefit payment. The January 1st benefit will continue to be paid the first business day of the year.

This affects only those members who receive their monthly benefit via EFT. For those who receive an actual check, they will continue to be mailed out on the last business day of the month via the United States Postal Service.

Retirees who want to receive their retirement allowance in the most prompt way should sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer – also known as “Direct Deposit” or “Automatic Deposit.” This provides retirees with the fastest delivery of their monthly retirement payment possible.