Initiate My Retirement



You can apply for service retirement online, in person, or by mail, and may submit your application up to 60 days before your selected date of retirement.

To file electronically, login to myOCERS. Select Initiate Retirement, and follow the steps for submitting your application online.

There are a number of benefits to filing for retirement electronically:

  • Easily and securely submit your application at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Prior to submission, review and edit your information.
  • Receive confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted.

Before you begin the process, be sure to gather the following information:

  • Your Information – including date of retirement, retirement option, marital status and marriage date (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary information – including date of birth, Social Security Number, address/phone number for each named beneficiary
  • Tax Withholding information – filing status and desired number of exemptions
  • Direct Deposit Information – including bank name, bank address/phone number, routing number, account number


We’ll send you an acknowledgment email and letter after we receive your retirement application. We will also contact you to set-up an over the phone appointment with an OCERS Retirement Program Specialist.


In addition to your retirement application packet, OCERS requires the following forms in order to process your first retirement payment:

  • An original birth certificate (or valid US Passport) for you
  • An original birth certificate (or valid US Passport) for your spouse or domestic partner
  • An original marriage certificate or marriage license

There are additional forms that may be required in special circumstances (such as divorce documents, beneficiary birth certificates for Option 2, 3, or 4 benefits, and so on) – your Retirement Program Specialist will review this information with you if applicable.