Quiet Period List


Quiet Period List

As of  April 10, 2024

OCERS has a Quiet Period Policy to ensure that the process of selecting Investment Managers and/or Service Providers is efficient, diligent, and fair.

Current Active Quiet Period List for Investments

  • None.

Current Active Quiet Period List for Non-Investments

Please see the RFP for details.

  • Pension Administration Project Oversight & Consultation Services
  • SharePoint Migration Services
  • OCERS Replacement Headquarters Project DBE Services
  • Employment Counsel Services
  • Investment Counsel Services

Quiet Period Policy Guidelines

The following guidelines will govern a search process leading to an award of any contract by OCERS:

During the quiet period, Board Members and the OCERS staff shall not knowingly communicate with any party financially interested in any prospective contract with OCERS regarding the contract, the services to be provided under the contract or the selection process. The quiet period does not apply to communications that are:

  • part of the process expressly described in the solicitation;
  • part of a noticed Board meeting;
  • related to services currently provided by the candidate under an existing contract with OCERS;
  • incidental, exclusively social and that do not involve OCERS or its business; or
  • within the scope of the Board or staff member’s private business or public office wholly unrelated to OCERS and that do not involve OCERS or its business.