Health Insurance Deductions


Health Insurance Deductions

OCERS does not provide or manage any Retiree Health or Medical Program. For questions regarding your Retiree Medical Benefits (Health Grants, Medicare, Vision, Dental, etc.) or to notify them of your change of address please contact the appropriate agency.

AOCDS Medical Benefits

(714) 285-9900

CalPERS Long Term Care

(800) 982-1775

Orange County Employees Association (OCEA)
For DeltaCare Cam 42 Dental Plan, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance questions or enrollment, call or visit their website at:

(714) 835-3355

Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
Brown Insurance

(714) 460-7744

Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
Employee Benefits and Services

(714) 573-6800

Orange County Retiree Medical
For Health Grant and Medical Plan Questions call or visit the County of Orange website at:

(833) 476-2347

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)
Health Benefits Information

(714) 560-5812

Retired Employees Association of Orange County (REAOC)
For membership in REAOC, call or visit their website at
A bi-monthly newsletter is mailed to all members

(714) 840-3995

Sanitation Health Benefits Information

(714) 593-7007

Social Security Administration
For Medicare and other Social Security questions, call or visit their website at:

(800) 772-1213

TCA Retiree Medical Coverage
TCA’s retiree medical coverage is provided directly through CalPERS.  Retirees may call or visit their website at:  

(888) 225-7377

UCI Medical Insurance

(800) 888-8267

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)
For personalized counseling, community education and outreach events for Medicare beneficiaries call the local HICAP office or visit the website:

(714) 560-0424
(800) 434-0222