Request for Proposal


Request for Proposal Information

Whenever OCERS is issuing Requests For Proposals (RFPs), they will be posted here. Each RFP will have its own drop-down window. Simply click on the name of the RFP and that window will open. You will be able to view all the specific information online: the desired qualifications, deadlines, and important contact information. Some RFPs will have a Questions and Answers document available.

*Please note, OCERS has a file size limit of 20 megabytes.  If your submission exceeds our size limit, please send an email immediately to and we will respond with alternate instructions.


RFP:  Secondary Sales Advisory Services

Secondary Sale Advisory Sales RFP

Secondary Sale RFP Questions and Answers


RFP:  Pension Administration Project Oversight & Consultation Services

PAS Consultation Services RFP

OCERS Pension Administration Project Oversight and Consultation Services RFP Questions and Answers

PAS Consultant RFP - Questions Answers Follow up

RFP:  SharePoint Migration Services

OCERS SharePoint Migration Services RFP

OCERS SharePoint Migration Services RFP Questions and Answers

RFQ: OCERS Replacement Headquarters Project

DBE Prequalification Questionnaire for OCERS Replacement HQ

DBE RFQ for OCERS Replacement HQ