Administrative Procedures


Administrative Procedures
Administrative Procedures Disclaimer

Documents on this web page are meant to provide members and others with general information regarding OCERS’ procedures. These procedures are general in nature and will not address every possible circumstance. Members are encouraged to contact OCERS to discuss specific questions arising out of their unique circumstances. These documents are not meant to be legal advice. OCERS cannot provide legal advice or assistance with drafting legal documents. Members and others who require legal or financial advice are advised to consult an appropriate professional.

Compensation Earnable & Pensionable Compensation Analysis & Determination Procedure (OAP)

Death Benefit Payments on Behalf of Children Age 18 or Older (OAP)

Disability Application Review Process (OAP)

Disability – Performance of Duty (OAP)

Disability Presumptions OAP

Division of Retirement Benefits Upon Divorce (OAP)

Documentation of Birthday and Marriage Domestic Partnership OAP

Effective Date of Disability Retirement Allowance (OAP)

Evaluating Potential New Employers (OAP)

Felony Forfeitures (OAP)

Final Average Salary (OAP)

Military Service Credit Purchases (OAP)

Reciprocity (OAP)

Required Minimum Distributions (OAP)

Use of OCERS Mailing List (OAP)

Years of Service Credit Calculation (OAP)