Volunteer Opportunities with OCERS


To get the most out of your experience, volunteers will be placed with a department that will provide the best hands-on experience. A summary of the functions and services of each department is provided below:

Human Resources/Administrative Services

The Human Resources/Administrative Services Division is responsible for providing human resources services and support for the functions of OCERS. This includes, leading recruitment and on-boarding efforts, training and developing staff, supporting a high performing workforce, health and safety, maintaining interoffice relationships, labor relations and operating as a strategic business partner of the OCERS organization.


The Finance Division is responsible for all of the financial records and reports of OCERS. This includes the preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, monthly and quarterly financial statements and the annual operating budget. The Finance Division also maintains OCERS’ system of internal controls; processes and accounts for retirement payroll and refunds of contributions and interest to members; collects and accounts for employers’ and members’ contributions; reconciles investment portfolios; and pays costs incurred for goods received and services rendered.


The Legal Division provides legal advice and representation to the Board of Retirement and OCERS on a wide variety of issues. Among other things, this includes issues involving pension benefits, disability retirements, investments, legislation and vendor contracts. They also coordinate the Public Records Act requests.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division is responsible for OCERS’ network systems, personal computers, website and databases, as well as providing programming and technical support to our Benefits Administration System. In addition, this division is responsible for overseeing cyber security, business continuity/disaster recovery and administering all audio/visual services.

Cyber Security

The Information Security Division is responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of OCERS’ data and systems from information security incidents. Additionally, the division is responsible for the cyber security function at OCERS, as well as overseeing the governance, risk and compliance of information security related matters.

Member Services

The Member Services Division is responsible for providing all benefit services to the members and payees of the System. This includes service retirement, disability and death benefit calculations, preparation of data to support applications for retirement, preparation of the retiree payroll, processing employer salary transmittals, membership counseling, and retirement seminars. The Disability section of Member Services is responsible for investigating disability claims and reviewing medical records; interviewing applicants and witnesses; preparing written reports of findings and recommendations; and making presentations to the Disability Committee and Board of Retirement regarding the disposition of cases.


The Communications Division is responsible for developing and coordinating information for members, employers, and the general public through publications such as an annual “OCERS by the Numbers” and quarterly newsletters, “At Your Service”. The Communications Division also attends some employer-sponsored health fairs and coordinates media requests.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Division provides reliable, independent and objective evaluations designed to add value and improve OCERS’ operations. The Internal Audit Division enhances and protects organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance and insight to OCERS’ business and financial operations. Internal Audit assists the Board of Retirement and management to achieve their objectives by reporting to the Audit Committee the results of the testing on the effectiveness of internal control systems, risk management, and governance processes.


The Investment Division is responsible for the administration and management of the investment program, in accordance with policies, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the Board of Retirement. It is responsible for the interface with investment managers, including monitoring investment performance objectives, adherence to investment guidelines, conducting due diligence visits to investment managers’ sites, and interviewing prospective investment managers. This department is also responsible for the interface with outside investment consultants in reviewing and evaluating all investment managers’ performance and investment manager fees. 

Executive Office

This department consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who implements and executes policies promulgated by the Board of Retirement. Two Assistant CEOs, a Director of Internal Audit, a Chief Investment Officer and a General Counsel assist the CEO in the daily operations of the System.

OCERS Values

  • Open and Transparent
  • Commitment to Superior Service
  • Engaged and Dedicated Workforce
  • Reliable and Accurate
  • Secure and Sustainable