Service Under Different Retirement Formulas


This calculator will not convert any split service you may have, such as members who moved between plan sponsors with different benefit formulas or members who have both general and safety member service credit. If you have service under different retirement formulas, use the Split Service Calculator to the right.

Important Notice – The benefits calculator is not an official OCERS estimate and OCERS is not bound by the results.

The estimate shows a projected retirement allowance based on the information entered for the Unmodified Option only. The calculator will not provide an estimate for Options 1 through 4. The calculator does not provide estimates for reinstatement from retirement or any disability retirement.

For PEPRA plans U, V and W OCERS retirement benefits are limited to 120% of the Social Security level, adjusted annually based on changes to the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers and are subject to specific rules limiting pensionable compensation. To see the current annual benefit compensation limit click here.