OCERS Board of Retirement Members Reappointed by Board of Supervisors
Media Release: October 19, 2022


At its regular meeting held on October 18, 2022, the Orange County Board of Supervisors took actions certifying the forthcoming terms of five members who serve on the OCERS Board of Retirement.

“By unanimous consent and without objection the Orange County Board of Supervisors has reappointed Shawn Dewane, Arthur Hidalgo and Charles Packard to the Board of Retirement of the Orange County Employees Retirement System,” said OCERS Chief Executive Officer Steve Delaney in a statement issued today. The three incumbent-appointed Trustees will serve three-year terms beginning January 1, 2023.

“Mr. Dewane is currently serving as Vice Chair of the Board of Retirement, while Mr. Hidalgo is serving as Chair of the Investment Committee. Additionally, Mr. Packard has served on the Board since 2011. Their collective leadership and experience bring important stability to the OCERS Board of Retirement.”

In other action taken by the Orange County Board of Supervisors on October 18, the recent elections of Roger Hilton and incumbent Adele Tagaloa were certified; the two members will assume their three-year terms on January 1, 2023. Mr. Hilton, formerly a Safety Board Member, will now serve as the Retiree Board Member. Incumbent General Board Member Ms. Tagaloa was elected to the Board in 2019 and began serving her first term in January 2020.

“I wish to congratulate all of the members of the Board of Retirement and thank them for their outstanding service to the more than 50,000 members of the OCERS Retirement System as well as our employers and the taxpayers. We also honor the service of Mr. Frank Eley who is stepping down after his more than two decades of service at the end of 2022,” Mr. Delaney said.

For more information on OCERS’ Board of Retirement, visit: https://www.ocers.org/board-retirement


Located in Santa Ana, California, OCERS is a $20.8 billion cost-sharing multiple-employer defined benefit pension plan covering employees of the County of Orange and 12 other participating public employers. OCERS was established in 1945 and provides retirement, death, disability, and cost of living benefits to more than 50,000 local public employees and their families.  For more information about OCERS, visit www.ocers.org.