OCERS Announces Strong Preliminary Portfolio Investment Returns as of June 30, 2023
August 8, 2023


At its most recent Board Meeting in July, OCERS’ Chief Investment Officer, Molly Murphy, reported impressive preliminary portfolio investment returns for the period ended June 30, 2023. Year-to-date, the portfolio rose 6.43%, net of fees, with returns of 6.65% and 7.25% for the trailing one- and five-year periods. 


While OCERS records earnings on a calendar year cycle ending December 31, 2023, Ms. Murphy expressed her satisfaction with the fund’s performance so far this year.  “We are delighted to see the strong preliminary performance of OCERS’ investment portfolio,” said Ms. Murphy. “The robust return reflects the effectiveness of the OCERS Board’s investment approach and determination to achieve positive results for our System.”


OCERS remains committed to upholding its fiduciary duty and ensuring the long-term financial security of its members. The fiscal year-end numbers, to be released as of December 31, 2023, will provide a comprehensive overview of the fund’s performance throughout the calendar year.