General Questions


How do I inform OCERS of my new address?

Active employees should report a Change of Address to their Human Resources department. Their employer will then forward the information to OCERS electronically via the bi-weekly payroll records. 

Retired and Deferred members may report changes to OCERS directly by logging in to their myOCERS portal account or by completing a Change of Address Form and returning it to OCERS. The form can be printed from the forms section of our website.

How does a Defined Benefit plan differ from a Defined Contribution plan?

In a Defined Benefit plan, the employer promises to pay a specified benefit upon the employee’s retirement. That benefit is a lifetime benefit. The employer invests funds through the Retirement System and bears the risk of adverse investment performance.

Defined Contribution plans, such as 401(k) and 457 plans, are savings accounts. Benefit payments (withdrawals) under these plans stop when your money runs out. In these types of plans the employee decides how to invest the funds and bears the risk of adverse investment performance. Benefit amounts in defined contribution plans are determined by investment performance and the amount of contributions.

OCERS’ retirement plans are defined benefit plans and provide a guaranteed monthly allowance paid for the rest of the member’s life. OCERS benefits are based on your final average salary, retirement age, and years of service.

I need to report the death of an OCERS member/payee. What information does OCERS need? 

Please contact OCERS at (714) 558-6200 to report the death. Information regarding what is required will be provided at the time the death is reported to OCERS.

What is final compensation?

Final compensation is one factor used to calculate your monthly retirement allowance. It is an average of the your highest monthly pensionable income during any one-year or three-year period, depending on your plan.

Would OCERS send a representative to my home to verify my account information?

No. OCERS staff would never go to your home to verify your account information. OCERS takes protecting your confidential member data very seriously and it is not necessary for our staff to come to your home to verify information on your account.