Eligibility Overview: 1.62% at 65 or 2.7% at 55


Active members of OCERS prior to January 1, 2013 who move to the OCERS covered employers below within six months if it is a new employer, or those who were employed by a reciprocal system prior to January 1, 2013

County of Orange employees in one of these bargaining units:

  • General (GE)
  • Office Services (CL)
  • Supervisory Management (SM)
  • Community Services (CS)
  • Healthcare Professional (HP)
  • Sheriffs’ Special Officer and Deputy Coroner (SO)
  • Operations/Services Maintenance (OS)
  • Craft/Plant Engineer (CP)
  • Executive Management (E1, E2, E3)
  • Executive Aides/Executive Assistants (MB)
  • Administrative Managers (MA, MU)​

Superior Court employees