Deferred Membership Questions


What is a deferred member?

A deferred member is an OCERS member who separates from OCERS-covered employment and leaves his or her contributions on deposit with the retirement system. Deferred members may apply for an OCERS retirement allowance upon meeting minimum age and service credit requirements. Members are required to contact OCERS to initiate the process for retirement and can do so up to 60 days prior to their first eligible date of retirement.

At what age is distribution mandatory for a deferred member?

If you are a deferred member of our system (and you are not an active member of a reciprocal retirement system), and you have not applied for a retirement allowance or a withdrawal of your contributions and interest by the age of 72, OCERS is required by law to begin distribution of your retirement benefits. 

OCERS will contact you by letter at the time you turn age 71 ½ and remind you that you need to apply for a retirement benefit if eligible, or a withdrawal of your contributions. If you fail to do so by the time you reach age 72, OCERS will process a lump sum refund of your contributions and interest.