Appeals / Administrative Hearings


This page provides information to OCERS’ members, employers, interested parties, and their attorneys regarding the process for requesting an administrative hearing in connection with appealing a disability retirement decision by the OCERS Disability Committee and an administrative review of a non-disability benefit determination decision by OCERS’ staff.

The OCERS Board Policy “Administrative Review and Hearing Policy (Disability and Non-Disability Benefits)” defines how the OCERS Board of Retirement adjudicates decisions on both disability and non-disability benefit matters. 

Governing Policies and Procedures

Administrative Review and Hearing Policy

Other Documents Relevant to the Administrative Hearing Procedure

Hearing Officer Selection and Retention Policy

Disability Committee Charter

Disability Application Review Process OAP

Administrative Hearing Forms

Notice of Appearance by an Attorney/Substitution of Attorney

Consent to Electronic Service

Request for Administrative Review of CEO Determination

Request for Administrative Hearing Form

Filing a Document in an Administrative Hearing/Review Proceeding

E-mail is preferred when filing a document in an Administrative Hearing/Review Proceeding. Email:  Include your name or the Applicant’s name, if filing on behalf of a member, and the title of the document in the subject line. The document may also be mailed or dropped off at our office.

Contact OCERS’ Clerk of the Hearing Officers

To contact the Clerk of the Hearing Officers, e-mail


Documents on this web page are meant to provide members and others with information about the OCERS Administrative Hearing Process. These documents are not meant to be legal advice. OCERS cannot provide legal advice or assistance with drafting legal documents. Members and others who require legal or financial advice are advised to consult an appropriate professional.