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 Request for Proposal

Whenever OCERS is issuing Requests For Proposals (RFPs), they will be posted here. Each RFP will have its own drop-down window. Simply click on the name of the RFP and that window will open. You will be able to view all the specific information online: the desired qualifications, deadlines and important contact information. Some RFPs will have a Questions and Answers document available.

bullet RFP: Strategic Portfolio and Risk Advisor
OCERS is conducting an RFP for a qualified investment consulting firm to serve as a Strategic Portfolio and Risk Advisor — an outgrowth and follow-up of our successfully completed search for a General Consultant (GC). The operative concepts here are a potentially cost-efficient realignment of certain investment advisory responsibilities, and the potential to add complementary talents where they provide the most strategic value and actionable thought leadership to the Investment Committee and our staff, with the objective of improved governance and actionable portfolio oversight and risk management.

Deadline for proposals is July 21, 2016 (Noon Pacific Time)

OCERS quiet period rules are now in effect.

Click here to view the Strategic Portfolio and Risk Advisor RFP (PDF).

bullet RFP: Alternative Income Strategies (Exploratory RFP)
The Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) has issued an Exploratory RFP for a handful of investment strategies that would qualify for consideration as non-duplicative Alternative Income strategies.

This is an Exploratory RFP in the sense that OCERS will soon be undertaking a comprehensive asset allocation review, and presently has not established a definitive allocation for alternative income strategies as they are described in the RFP. Staff has prepared the RFP to enable OCERS to evaluate strategies that might be employed under this portfolio concept.

In this RFP, OCERS seeks pricing for prospective mandates of $100+ million from firms that presently manage at least five times that much in similar qualifying portfolios. Bidders must have an extensive and proven track record. There are 19 Minimum Required Qualifications that include explicit fee limitations. The RFP includes 65 questions that must be completed by June 27, 2016.

A pre-bid teleconference will be held June 10, 2016; advance bidder registration is required to participate. If the Investment Committee (which includes all members of OCERS' Board of Retirement) decides to proceed with this strategy, finalists could be selected in late August or September.

Click here to view the Alternative Income Strategies Exploratory RFP (PDF).
bullet RFP: Operational Due Diligence Service Provide
The Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) is issuing this Request for Proposals to solicit an Operational Due Diligence Provider.

OCERS is seeking to identify and retain one or more firms to perform operational due diligence on an as-needed basis.

The bid deadline is June 17, 2016. A pre-bid teleconference will be conducted on May 10th. Bidders must register their interest to receive further information by sending a formal request from the RFP document to The trade press is directed to reference ONLY this address please.

OCERS will not make any further comments to media beyond those presented officially in the RFP document itself. Quiet period rules are in effect: bidders are prohibited from communicating with OCERS board members or staff except in public meetings, or as otherwise provided in the RFP document and Quiet Period policy.

Click here to view the Operational Due Diligence Service Provider RFP (PDF).

Click here to view the Operational Due Diligence Service Provider RFP (DOCX). 

bullet RFP:


bullet RFP:
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